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January 13 2015

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Ben Affleck speaks about Islamophobia X


Approved for batman.

May Allah bless him in this life and the next Ameen

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I have no words for how much this amuses me.

I never touched a woman until George RR Martin

By the old gods and the new, that’s hilarious!

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and let me introduce you others who cant stand: the millions of innocents butchered by this country

you know it is funny because no constitutional right of any living american has ever been credibly threatened by any foreign power whatsoever and yet the american government violates them on a fucking constant basis, including by illegally forcing children to stand for the pledge

Alao who exactly has tried to invade the US and take away their quote unquote freedom?

^^^^^^^ exactly. 

Right-wingers using disabled ppl a prop from their bs nationalism. 


Really though what are they talking about when they say “they fight for your rights to—-“


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[Anti-Muslim attacks after the Charlie Hedbo massacre
(as of 9 January 2015, 6:30pm GMT)

1. Wednesday. Shots fired at a prayer room in Port-La-Nouvelle about an hour after prayers. There were no deaths, injuries or arrests.

2. Wednesday. A car belonging to a Muslim family targeted by gunfire in Vaucluse. No injuries were reported.

3. Thursday. Three training grenades were thrown at Mosquée de Sablons in Le Mans. Further reports suggest a bullet hole in glass as well. Police cordoned off the area during their investigation.

4.Wednesday. The gate of Mosquée de Poitiers tagged with anti-Muslim graffiti stating “morts aux arabes” (death to Arabs).

5. Thursday. An explosion of “criminal origin” targeted a kebab shop near a mosque in the town of Villefranche-sur-Saône in Rhône.

6. Friday. Graffiti found at three places outside a mosque in Bayonne, one said “Charlie freedom”, while others said “assassins” and “dirty Arabs”.

7. Friday. In Rennes, a private Islamic Cultural Centre is vandalised with the slogan “outside” in Breton and French.

8. Friday. Proposed mosque in Bischwiller, Haut-Rhin is vandalised with the slogan “Ich bin Charlie” (“Je suis Charlie” in German).

9 and 10. Friday. In northern France, two proposed mosque sites in Liévin and Béthune were vandalised with anti-Islamic graffiti.

11. Thursday. Four gunshots were fired towards the entrance of a mosque in Saint-Juéry (near Albi in southern France).

12. Friday. In Corte, Corsica, a boar’s head and entrails is left outside a prayer room alongside a threatening note that read “next time it will be one of your heads”.

13. Thursday. In Mâcon, a street is vandalised with an anti-Islam slogan signed “Charlie”.

14. Thursday. A 17-year-old (of North-African descent) is assaulted by a gang after suffering racist abuse near Isère.

15. Thursday. A mosque in Aix-les-Bains caught fire in a suspected arson.]


it is absolutely fucking unacceptable to tell queer and trans kids that they have to wait for it to get better. it is fucking unacceptable that we tell them that they have to accept being bullied and treated like less than fucking people and that they just have to hope and pray that one day will be that promised day that “it gets better”.

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The New Yorker

Oh no, cultural values have shifted in a way that taking pot shots at marginalized groups no longer counts as humor!  Those poor cartoonists!

I love comics like this they’re so unintentionally telling about the creator. Someone sat down and decided they’d literally advertise the fact that when you don’t allow them to substitute enforcing bigotry for actual insight then they’re completely out of material

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[whispers] hey ubisoft


u know what would be infinitely more interesting and refreshing than a dude saving the ladies from jack the ripper in victorian london

a lady saving the ladies from jack the ripper in victorian london

*whispers* but ubisoft doesn’t know how to animate women

but I’m sure they can animate the ones that are getting brutally murdered

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What you see above isn’t in fact leather made from animals- it’s made out of pineapples.

””It was one of those coincidences of life,” said Carmen Hijosa, founder of Piñatex, a new sustainable textile made from pineapple leaf fibres. Hijosa was speaking of her trip to the Philippines that led to a career change, which involved going back to university to get a PhD from London’s Royal College of Art, starting her own business, Ananas Anam, and patenting her own textile. 

A small coincidence, and a big change.

Hijosa had been working in the leather industry for over 15 years in Ireland, when she was invited to consult on the exportation of leather in the Philippines. When Hijosa arrived, she was exposed to the poor quality of the materials, the working conditions and the toxic impact of leather on the environment. Hijosa advised, rather than try and export leather, why don’t you work with what you got, and what the Philippines has is an abundance of natural fibres.

She began to explore different fibres and came upon the pineapple leaf. “I realized they are very strong and flexible,” she says. “I wanted to see if I could make them into a non-woven mesh textile [like leather] and to do that I had to do full research and development that only a degree could provide.”

"Piñatex is a byproduct of the food industry," explained Hijosa. "Once the pineapples are harvested the plants are left to rot." Instead of letting that happen, pineapple farmers gather the leaves, extract the fibres and degum them in closed tanks. Once they have been degummed, the fibres become soft and breathable and can be put through a mechanical process that turns them into a non-woven mesh material that ends up feeling much like felt. 

The entire process does not use any extra water, pesticides or fertilizer beyond what is used to cultivate the pineapples. By comparison, to produce 1kg of cotton - enough for one t-shirt and a pair of jeans - it takes up to 20,000 litres of water.”

This demonstrates that not only is the leather industry cruel, but it is also unnecessary. This product will hopefully be one of the future; one that manufactures waste to create something fashionable and hopefully successfully overtakes and thus eradicates the current industry.

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Men who can’t cook, clean, or even do their own laundry are not “cute” and “in need of a woman to care for them”. They are spoiled brats so dependent on gender roles that they never bothered to learn the minimal skills to take care of themselves.

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frodo in a t-shirt is odd and adorable at the same time

merry’s hair clip though

there is literally nothing I don’t like about this gif

Playing with fireworks, again.

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I do this too. It’s surprising how often men expect me to be the one that moves.

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"Slavery was so long ago"

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A post that brilliantly explains why “Men’s Rights Activists” are misguided and why the oppression that men face in our culture is not a result of “misandry” but of misogyny.

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I’ve been struggling with my gender a lot over the last few years and have decided that this year I am going to start dressing and looking more how I’m happy with. I want to look more androgynous and feminine, I’ve always looked at their clothes and wished I could wear them because of how they look and how they feel. This has lead me down a bad path for many years. I found some good friends lately and they’ve helped give me confidence about dressing for me, not for the rest of the world. I don’t feel female, although some days the thing between my legs is something I don’t want there. I still haven’t worked out where I am on the spectrum so for now I will rest safely in Genderfluid, although I think that may change this year. All I know is that whatever I am, dressing like this has put a smile on my face which has been missing for a while. Thank you :) (grownupjunk, fuckyoufuckthisfuckeverything and uglydefault)

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